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Case Study: 72% Decrease in Cost per Admit for Rehab


The River Source Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Arizona hired Pitch Digital to restructure and analyze their pay per click (PPC) marketing strategy and reach the right people with Google Ads. The River Source’s goal was to reduce cost per admit by 50% and increase the number of qualified PPC admits.



  • 233% increase in admits from PPC year over year

  • 72% decrease in cost per admit in first 6 months

  • More PPC admits in one month than the entire previous year


Cost per admit was not viable with pay per click with the previous marketing agency. There is also a lot of competition in Arizona, which makes it hard for great mental health and addiction treatment programs to stand out. strategy in time for their busy season.

Rehab Marketing Agency


  1. Implemented better reporting and defined qualified calls
  2. Restructured and optimized the targeting, keywords, landing pages and more
  3. Monitored CPA and qualified leads regularly

“I had given up on pay per click marketing before working with Pitch Digital. Megan is knowledgeable about behavioral health and is the perfect mix of marketing data and passion for helping people get the treatment they need.”

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